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Terms & Privacy

Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.

Website Terms of Use.

Description of terms.


Customer – a natural person, who makes the orders in the online shop and is the recipient of a registered product. The customer is allowed to use products, that are purchased from the online shop, only for personal purposes or for the needs of family and friends, or other purposes not related to commercial activities (resale), unless  a contract with the seller is made.

Seller – SIA “ME” Reģ.Nr.40103199106 Dzērbenes iela 14, Riga, Latvija LV-1006 GSM: +371 27006335
TEL: +371 67246797.

Supplier – a legal entity that carries out the manufacturing and delivery of the products.

Website -

Product – a material unit, which is in the commodity turnover and is offered for sale on the website.

Order – a requirement, that is made by the customer and is formulated in an appropriate form, for the delivery of the product, which was chosen by the customer on the website, to the specified address.

Delivery Service  - The function of the delivery service is performed by the Mail.

Customer Service – Service, which belogs to the seller and performs control and processing of the orders, made by the customer on the website.

1. General Conditions.

  1.1. The owner and administrator of the site is SIA "ME".

  1.2. By placing an order in the online shop, the purchaser expressly and unreservedly accepts the terms and conditions set out below.

  1.3. These conditions, as well as placing information about the product on the Site, are a public offer, according to the Civil Law of Latvia.

  1.4. The seller reserves the right to make changes to these terms.

  1.5. The customer confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions by checking "I have read and agree to the terms of Delivery and Confidentiality" when placing an order and choosing the way of payment, and clicking on the button "Order".


2. Registration.

  2.1. The seller is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information that the customer specifies in the registration form.

  2.2. The customer agrees not to disclose the username and password that he entered in the registration form. If the customer has any suspicions regarding the disclosure of the username and password, or suspects that the username and password are being used by third parties, the customer agrees to immediately notify the seller by sending an e-mail to the customer service. The letter has to be sent from the address specified during registration.

3. Ordering and its timetable.

  3.1. The customer may place his order by phone or on his own, using the order form on the site.

  3.2. When placing an order, the customer specifies the following information:

Name of the Customer and / or the Order Recipient

Delivery Address

Contact Phone



  3.3. After successful completion of ordering, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer’s e-mail address. The confirmation is presented in the form of a bill.

  3.4. The order is issued after the receipt of payment from the customer.

  3.5. The term of receipt of the products depends on the timely payment of the order by the customer, on the region and the delivery address, on the work of a particular delivery service that carries out the delivery of the order and does not directly depend on the seller.

  3.6. The information available on the website cannot display the full properties and quality of products (including color, size, technical specifications, form). Before placing the order, the customer has the right to contact the seller to precise the details of the product.

  3.7. In case the ordered products are not in stock of the supplier in adequate numbers, the seller has the right to cancel this position in the order of the customer, informing the customer by sending a notice to the e-mail address that the customer has specified during registration on the website.

  3.8. In case the cutomer refuses the partially or fully paid order, that hasn’t been sent or delivered yet, the cancellation of the reservation will be refunded.


4. Delivery.


  4.1. The seller does everything in his power to meet the deadlines of the delivery, but despite this, there may be delays in the delivery of products for the reasons, that are not directly dependent on the seller.

  4.2. The risk of accidental loss or damage of products passes to the customer at the time since receipt of the order is held over two days.

  4.3. If the product is not delivered to the customer, because of the loss of it at the time of delivery, the seller reimburses the cost of the ordered product to the customer or carries out re-order of the required product at his own expense.

  4.4. Types and timing of the delivery are given on our site under "Shipping and Payment".

  4.5. The products are delivered by mail.

  4.6. The order delivered to the mail is issued only to the customer or the person, whose name is specified in the order as the recipient of this order, after the presentation of an identity document.

  4.7. The seller guarantees the confidentiality and security of personal information (see Privacy Policy).


5. Payment.


  5.1. The price of the product is specified on the website. In case the specified price is wrong, the seller, at the earliest opportunity, informs the customer, so that he would be able to remove or confirm his order. If contact with the customer is not possible, the said order shall be deemed null and void. If the order has been paid, the seller reimburses the cost.

  5.2. Types of payment are described on the website under "Delivery and Payment".

  5.3. The order is accepted for further processing only after transfer of the entire amount of money to the account of the seller, if no indication of other conditions and types of payment.  The ordered products are not reserved and the seller cannot guarantee their availability in the warehouse of the supplier. In this regard, the deivery time may increase.

  5.4. Payment for orders via a bank payment card.

    5.4.1. The information about the payment of orders with the bank payment card is described on the website under "Shipping and Payment".

    5.4.2. Actions with bank credit cards and authorization service are provided by If the company, which provides authorization of payment with bank credit cards, has a  reasonable suspicion that the transaction is fraudulent, the company has the right to refuse the operation.

    5.4.3. All operations, that are carried out on the site and paid for with a bank payment card, to avoid fraud, are being verified by the seller. If a person other than the owner of the bank payment card is indicated as the order recipient, order processing may be delayed for further checking the legality of the transaction. The person, the owner of a bank payment card, which has placed an order and paid for it with this card, on the first demand of the seller must present a copy of two pages of his passport - a U-turn with a photo and the place of a declared residence. And also a photocopy or scanned image of the two sides of the bank payment card (the card number has to be covered except for the last four digits). If the order was fulfilled and payed for by a person, who was authorized by the owner of the bank payment card, he must submit a copy of the power of attorney issued by the owner of the bank payment card and certified by the name of the aforementioned person. If the customer fails to present the aforementioned documents within 14 days of placing the order, or in case of doubt of their authenticity, the seller has the right to cancel this order. The seller returns the money to the owner of the bank payment card.


  5.5. The seller has the right to provide discounts on products and offer his customers to participate in bonus programs. Types of discounts, bonuses, the order of their charges and conditions are described on the website in the section "Specials". The seller has the right to change them unilaterally.


6. The return of products.


  6.1. The customer has the right to refuse the ordered products within 5 days after receipt of the order.

  6.2. The customer doesn’t have the right to refuse products with individual properties, if the specified products may only be used by the customer who bought them.

  6.3. If the customer refuses the product, in accordance with clause 6.1, the seller shall pay the full cost of the returned product, not later than 10 days after the seller has received a written statement  from the customer, certified by the signature of the customer.

  6.4. According to the law on consumer rights protection, the seller has the right to refuse a buyer to take the product back or get compensation if the product is not returned in its original packaging, packaging is seriously damaged, there’s a broken seal on the product, the protective film is disrupted (for example, on the mobile phone), there are visible slight traces of use, such as scratches and similar defects.

  6.5. The customer has the right within 14 days of receipt of the product, exchange the product bought for a similar, if this product does not meet the customer’s own dimensions, style, color, shape, size or bundle provided that preserve the appearance of the product, consumer characteristics and its original packaging (if any), as well as the protective film (eg, mobile phone screen).

  6.6. If at the time the customer returns the product for replacement, the seller doesn’t have a similar product in presence, the customer has the right to refuse to comply with these conditions and to demand to return the value of the product. The seller agrees to pay the specified cost of the returned product within 5 days of receipt of the returned product by the seller.

  6.7. The customer has the right to return defective products and demand the return of money paid for them within the guarantee period, expiration date, or, if a deadline is not fixed, within a period not exceeding two years. The customer has the right to require replacement of the products of inappropriate quality at the same, or require to eliminate all its problems.

  6.8. In case the customer refuses to buy the wrong quality product and demands the return of funds, according to p.6.7., the seller returns the value of the product to the customer within 10 days after receipt of a written request from the customer authenticated by his signature.

  6.9. The money is returned to the customer in the way the customer used when paying for the order or, upon a written request from the customer, the funds can be transferred to the specified customer’s details, on the condition that the seller has the opportunity.

  6.10. In case the refund to the customer occurs simultaneously with the return of the product, the seller returns the specified cost, in harmony with the customer, in one of the following ways:

    a) Cash, according to the location of the customer and the seller.

    b) Transfer to the account specified by the customer.

  6.11. If the customer is outside the Republic of Latvia, a refund is carried out only by bank transfer, or a substitution of  products is carried out.


7. Intellectual Property.


  7.1. All text information and graphics, which are published on the website, are the property of the seller. Brand names, trademarks and logos that are available on the website are the property of their respective owners.


8. Warranties and liability.


  8.1. The seller is not liable for the damage caused to the customer, which arose as a result of misuse of the products.

  8.2. The seller has the right to give away or, in some other way, transfer his rights and obligations in the relationship with the customer to third parties.

  8.3. The customer agrees not to use the purchased products for business purposes (resale) without coordinating his actions in advance with the seller.


9. Other conditions.


  9.1. In the event of any issues and claims, the customer accesses the Customer Service by phone or by using the form "Contact Us". All the disputes the parties will try to resolve through negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached, the dispute will be referred to the courts of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the legislation of Latvia.

  9.2. If the court finds a point of any of the above conditions not valid, it does not mean the remaining paragraphs of these conditions are not valid, too.



Privacy Policy.


1. Customer provided information.


1.1.         By registering on the site, the customer provides the following information:

Name, surname;

E-mail address;

Contact numbers;

Delivery address;

Password access to the website.


2. Using information provided by the customer to the seller.


  2.1. The seller uses customer information for such purposes as:

          Customer registration on the site;

          For meeting his obligations to the customer;

          Assessment and analysis of the site;


3. Disclosure of information received by the Seller.


  3.1. The seller agrees not to disclose information received from the customer. The provision of customer information to agents and third parties, that operate under a contract with the seller in order to fulfill their obligations to the customer, is not considered a violation.

  3.2. Disclosure of information under the relevant legislation of the Republic of Latvia is not considered a violation.

  3.3. The seller has the right to use the “Cookies”  technology. «Cookies» does not contain confidential information and is not disclosed to third parties.

  3.4. The seller receives the information (IP address) about visitors of This information is not used to identify the visitor.